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What We Do

Whether it be a conference or symposium, industry events are essential to your company’s success.

Thus, preparing for them involves a lot of work. Aside from making reservations and planning menus, you will also need to send out invites. It takes up a lot of time, but you just can’t risk failing at it.

In order to get a high event turnout, you will need a competent event telemarketing company that will do the call-to-invite job.

We are here to do just that. Let us provide you with our expertise to make successes out events like:

Breakfast Meetings
Trade Shows and Exhibitions
Corporate Events

With our data handling capabilities, you can count on us to follow up on your targets.

Our Events Telemarketing Process

Events telemarketing is a discipline that involves processes designed to yield tangible results and ensure transparency. With our nine years of experience in the telemarketing industry, we use call-to-invite methods that make sure your invites translate into actual attendees.

First Contact

  • Establish conversation with the prospect
  • Qualify the prospects and promote the event
  • Send event invite and other required info

Second Contact

  • Follow-up receipt of invite
  • Confirm desire to attend
  • Extend invitation to sign-up

Final Contact

(2 to 3 days before the event)

  • Review/Confirmation of event details
  • Confirm attendance

Post-event Follow-up

  • Generate feedback
  • Follow-up for future event campaigns

Why Choose Us?

Event Telemarketing - People

Having done so much preparation to make your event successful,
your staff is either exhausted or running out of time for more important task – calling and inviting people.

Event Telemarketing - Gears

Preparing an event is hard work. You mobilize all of your resources in the hopes of making it successful. But you just can’t find time to prioritize one aspect over another. Most companies experiencing this usually end up with unrealized goals and an exhausted management.

Partner up with us. Leave us do the inviting for your corporate meetings, conferences, trade shows and forums so you can focus on organizing a truly successful event.

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