3 Effective Ways to Get Webinar Confirmations

3 Effective Ways to Get Webinar Confirmations
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Regarded as great sources for quality sales leads, B2B companies just can’t live without them.

This year, more enterprises are opting to increase their budget for webinars. This is supported by a study by the Content Marketing Institute showing that 63% of marketers prioritize them for acquiring high quality B2B leads.

Holding a webinar could actually mean giving more “meat” to your brand awareness and marketing campaign, as well. But for all its worth as a lucrative investment, a webinar entails numerous risks. Businesses just couldn’t go around the trouble of searching for the right people to invite. It usually happens that the wrong prospects are contacted, entailing a waste of time, effort and of course money.

Marketing a webinar – or any other event for that matter – is such a delicate job that demands proper handling. The way you engage potential attendees makes all the difference in making your webinar a factory of sales opportunities you wanted it to be.

Here are some strategies that you might want to consider to generate high turnouts for your webinar.


Call it old-fashioned, but telemarketing is as effective a channel as digital marketing. This is due to the fact that direct engagement over the telephone produces better attendance rates compared to campaigns that focus more on social media and email marketing. Business professionals now prioritize real-time engagement more than anything else because it helps them make better decisions. In the case of marketing a webinar, telemarketing offers a better way through which you can communicate the value your event has to your audience.

Social media.

Okay, earlier we kind of driven the point that social media is not as effective as telemarketing. But we’re not saying you should abandon your Twitter and Facebook campaigns altogether. In some ways, these channels are excellent in widening your reach. You can also use them for embedding links to online registration forms.


Your blog serves as your megaphone. Without it, it would be difficult to attract your target audience in a sea of digital noise as much as to get them to attend. Post features about how this webinar can help them. Discuss about the topics that will be highlighted, provide them with a summary of the best things to expect and allow downloadable freebies while you’re at it.

If you’re having trouble inviting people over, you might also need to partner up with a company that has enough experience (10 years actually) in the field of events marketing and lead generation.


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