5 Interesting Healthcare Webinars to Kick-off the Second Quarter

5 Interesting Healthcare Webinars to Kick-off the Second Quarter

 “An apple a day keeps the doctor away.”

But a webinar a week helps your healthcare business peak.

As things go in the healthcare industry, vendors need to absorb as much knowledge as they can to create better lead generation and appointment setting campaigns. Through webinars, you can learn engage major industry thinkers who are more than willing to share their insights on current problems and other situations facing the healthcare sector today.

You might want to consider signing up for these relevant webinars.

March 24 – Make Each Round Count: Achieving Staff Satisfaction and Patient-Centered Care Through Digital Rounding

Hospital staff management is a familiar challenge among administrators. Find out how modern technology can help them improve personnel performance in providing quality care to their patients. If you care just as much for hospitals in need of an efficient staff management system, sign up here.

March 26 – Why reports aren’t enough: Turning population health data into actionable insights for effective care management

Is there anything more problematic than managing a large wealth of data? Information management experts are here to provide effective ways in handling and using “big data” to maximize service deliveries. Want to know more? Register here.

March 31 – Care Coordination in a post-EHR world: How CRM and Mobile Tools are driving change

CRM and mobile tools are fast becoming an integral part in providing patients and doctors unparalleled experiences, owing to the fact that these applications allow better communication. Learn how you can harness patient-centric technology by singing up now.

April 1 – 7 Unforgettable Lessons from the Healthiest Hospital-Physician ASC Partnerships

With case studies and other informational materials you can use to avoid certain barriers and risks, this webinar will leave you more confident in penning agreements with potential investors. Learn more here.

April 7 – The Time for Accountability is Now! How Both the Private and Public Sector are Accelerating the Move to Accountability

Learn how hospitals can develop better systems of accounting, effectively manage financial resources and avoid risks – and what they need to achieve these goals. Here’s a link to the registration form.


For more webinars lined up for the months of March, April and May, click here.


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