What are the Best Channels for Marketing Corporate Events this 2015?

What are the Best Channels for Marketing Corporate Events this 2015

The year 2015, aside from being an important year for marketing automation, will also highlight informative corporate events, the likes of which include the 16th Annual Marketing World and the Experiential Marketing Summit.


But as B2B companies are preparing their budgets for holding their own events, it is important to understand the effective ways to handle market them.

Much like presenting a product, promoting an event to one’s target audience involves a very complex process of inviting, qualifying, nurturing and confirming the right people to serve as attendees. The efficiency of these activities however depends on the channels you opt to use for marketing the event in question.

Here are a few of the basic stuff you might want to try, but we’ve also added some tips on how to maximize each of them to enhance your invite campaign.


Email.  Nothing can be more basic than email marketing. But despite its trivial appeal, it is still unmatched in terms of delivering customized content. Above all, emails are a great way to spread you message faster. Recipients can recommend your invites within their own networks, thereby increasing attendance volumes. But this depends on how well you compose your emails.

Telemarketing.  Telemarketing instantly hooks you up with a prospect in real-time, allowing you to answer questions and confirm an attendance right off the bat. Urgent feedback in this case is the ultimate strength of events telemarketing, and it is important to wield this to your advantage.

Social media.  We use social media for numerous purposes. For B2B companies, social platforms are effective platforms for promoting a variety of products and services and, of course, events. Steer clear of the usual Facebook posts though. You can always start with Twitter hashtags to advertise your event. With LinkedIn, you can invite people within your network using its “Events” feature.

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Video.  People nowadays depend heavily on video for information. Besides, audience awareness is better hyped up by the effective combination of video and audio elements. With billions of views recorded in video-hosting sites such as YouTube each month, producing a promotional video about your event will improve your invite campaign – that is if you don’t mind the extra expenses.

Excited to hold and market your very own corporate event? Hold your horses. You might have identified your ideal channels, but you might want to hire a lead generation company competent in multi-channel events marketing.

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