As a business owner, you are basically aware of the potential that corporate events have towards the bottom line. It is interesting to note that conferences and seminars can provide ample opportunities to generate high-quality leads and foster better client relations. In fact, Statista shows that at least 79% of marketers in the United […]

Entrepreneurs spend a great deal going to events, and for pretty good reasons. Regardless of the types of events they attend, entrepreneurs opt to acquire a lot of industry knowledge. One thing’s for sure, events give them an avenue where they can exchange and absorb ideas that can benefit them in the long run. This […]

“A good manager needs a variety of approaches to get the best out of his team” – Boss Baby. via GIPHY Boss Baby was a born leader, but didn’t take his mission for BabyCorp to stop Puppy Co from getting all the love from humans for puppies instead of infants all by himself, but worked […]

Did you know that rockets, which used to be typically destroyed on their maiden voyage, can now be reused? Rockets can now make an upright landing and be refueled for another trip, saving the spaceflight industry a large amount of expenditure and far more interesting than the Apollo era 40 years back (2016’s Top Technology […]

When it comes to spreading word about a product or service, there are so many avenues to choose from. There’s traditional outbound marketing involving the tri-media (TV, radio, print), billboards; there’s digital and content marketing through social media platforms; and then there’s the kind of marketing that offers a more personal approach: event marketing. Often […]

Event management is DEFINITELY one of the most stressful jobs. It is both mentally and physically taxing. For just one event, there could be too much in a business’ plate such as meeting a deadline, dealing with difficult people and unexpected events, making do with a tight budget, and finally marketing the event. That’s basically […]

Social media marketing has always been regarded as a highly overrated tool for B2B lead generation. But what many critics tend to miss out on is that social platforms are highly effective. And because of that, many B2B marketers have opted to spend more to achieve better online visibility. In recent years, B2B analysts have […]

The year 2015, aside from being an important year for marketing automation, will also highlight informative corporate events, the likes of which include the 16th Annual Marketing World and the Experiential Marketing Summit.   But as B2B companies are preparing their budgets for holding their own events, it is important to understand the effective ways […]