At present, corporate events continue to be effective sources for quality sales leads. And this is for reasons based on actual real-world facts and figures. One thing’s for sure, 80 percent of companies use live events as a main driver of growth, according to a report entitled Event Marketing 2018: Benchmarks and Trends. Moreover, Bizzabo […]

People in the B2B telemarketing industry experience it more often than they should. Rather than the target personality, they are met by someone else whose job it is to intercept calls. To many B2B telemarketers, gatekeepers determine who shall or shall not pass. They are the modern incarnation of Gandalf, wielding a telephone and appointment […]

Most B2B businesses have spent heavily on improving their lead generation and appointment setting strategies. And considering that the B2B industry is undergoing significant changes, demands for effective marketing solutions are steadily increasing. This comes as businesses have noted significant increases in revenue. As a result, marketing expenditures have also increased. The focus right now […]

Any experienced marketers within the B2B industry will tell you that cold calls are still relevant. Despite the dominant position that social media platforms occupy, B2B enterprises still rely on telemarketing to initiate better business discussions with prospects. From the outset, most lead nurturing campaigns revolve around effective telemarketing skills in order to gain satisfied […]