Drive Event Attendees Through These Effective Methods

Drive Event Attendees Through These Effective Methods


As a business owner, you are basically aware of the potential that corporate events have towards the bottom line. It is interesting to note that conferences and seminars can provide ample opportunities to generate high-quality leads and foster better client relations.

In fact, Statista shows that at least 79% of marketers in the United States are able to get quality leads mainly through event marketing.

The Event Marketing Institute, on the other hand, has pointed out that at least 74% of event attendees have a positive view of a brand being promoted through an event. This would obviously entail securing better positions to acquire more sales appointments.

From this, we can all assume that corporate events are the way to go in terms of establishing better client relations and increasing profit margins significantly. But to attain these successes, you will have to ensure that your event marketing generates the ideal number of attendees that will surely drive your goals. 

No doubt that marketing your event and getting people to sign up for them can be a difficult task to handle. This is mostly because prospective attendees need a little more goading before they can decide on joining a particular event. It is important to note that prospects will have to invest their time to attend a trade show or set up a booth at an industry exposition. With that said, you will have to do everything it takes to show them that your event will never be a waste of time.

Luckily, we have a list of effective methods that can help you generate more event attendees than the venue can accommodate.


Venue IS a priority.

Most people would think that the choice of a venue is secondary to (say) inviting the right people to serve as keynote speakers. But what they don’t realize is that venue is everything, especially when it comes down to making it easier for your attendees to travel from where they are. In this case, you will have to select a venue that is accessible and, at the same time, comfy. You wouldn’t want to turn off your attendees by announcing the event to be held in a remote location and far from any sign of urbanity – unless of course, your theme revolves around being incognito.

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Listen to your audience.

To be safe, you need to know what your target audience expects from an event. Take heed of the opinions they have as these will be valuable in the decision-making process that leads up to the event. For starters, you may want to send out surveys via email. Here are a few subject lines to get you started.

Do the same even after the event by sending out feedback forms. This might sound cliche, but feedback forms can help you identify certain problems and issues that will influence how you will conduct events in the future.

Personalize your messages.

Instead of crafting messages that will impact a general demographic, why not go for personalized emails. Surely, prospects respond positively when they see a message with their names on it. But it would mean a lot more to create invitations that strike a chord with their biases and expectations. For this, you will need to consider an effective marketing automation service that will help you hit your targets with the proper ammunition. You will also need to invest in event telemarketing to further increase the possibility of getting a resounding “yes” from potential attendees.

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One word: Giveaways.

If you were invited to a party to someone you don’t know, would you come? The common answer to that is, “No. I don’t even know the guy.” But what if the party includes free food and drinks? There really is no free lunch, but sometimes, you have to go out of your way to provide prospects with a little something in return for signing up. People are mostly driven to act by the idea that there would be an incentive or a trade-off. Prospects in the B2B industry are no different. To prove our point, try to offer freebies for enterprises that confirmed their attendance. A free trial or a discount on certain products or services might be considered. Whichever the case, expect your attendance to rise.

Did we miss an important method? Why don’t share it with us in the comment section below.



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