Efficient Events: A Simple Guide to Market Company Events and Gimmicks

Efficient Events: A Simple Guide to Market Company Events and Gimmicks

Company events are important, all the more so because they serve to build your image, increase brand awareness and help out in B2B lead generation.

And like the oldest artifacts, they are as precious as they are fragile.

Not giving enough attention to event marketing could only spell disaster to your business. Aside from sending invites you will also need to plan for the program, the accommodation for the participants and the food to be prepared, you will also need to send out invites. These tasks can smother you.

Moreover, in spite of a dedicated organizing committee, company events face the prospect of poor guest turnouts if the marketing part of event planning is put along the margins.

The problems are mainly centered on time and the availability of resources, which fortunately can be remedied by following these simple pointers.

Use a variety of channels.

The date of the event is fast approaching, and you are still looking for a proper venue. Eventually, you will realize that time has abandoned you. You received confirmations, but the amount is way less than your objectives. What do you do? You obviously need help in getting word of the event out, which is possible through a combination of social media, telemarketing and direct mail marketing. Hiring a competent B2B event marketing firm specializing in these disciplines is a wise (if not the only) option.

Know your attendees.

Taking cues from Indiana Jones, bringing a knife to a gunfight is apparently a death wish. In the same manner, inviting the wrong people to a trade fair or a business meeting also has its setbacks. Company events have specific themes that cater to a specific demographic. Thus, it is highly important that you know the right audience to invite. You can tap interest groups or small businesses to the event, as long as their enterprises conform to the agenda.

Tell them it will be a blast.

Company events aren’t exactly the same as stag parties or wedding receptions, but they do seek to entertain and inform, among other functions. In this respect, marketing your event should also involve telling your attendees the advantages they ca n incur. Tap into their interests and count on them to tap on you for future engagements.

Keeping these in mind, you will be able to hold a successful company event with a clearer mind and a less exhausted organizing committee.


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