Establish Quick Rapport through Events Telemarketing Using these Tips

Establish Quick Rapport through Events Telemarketing Using these Tips

 At present, corporate events continue to be effective sources for quality sales leads. And this is for reasons based on actual real-world facts and figures. One thing’s for sure, 80 percent of companies use live events as a main driver of growth, according to a report entitled Event Marketing 2018: Benchmarks and Trends. Moreover, Bizzabo noted that at least 63 percent of businesses are considering to delve even further into using live events as crucial marketing components.

With that said, you can never really underestimate the value that events have towards the bottom line. We have come to a point where we realize that business survival and growth essentially depend on using a diverse range of channels and platforms to build brands and reach out to our target audiences, two things which corporate events are capable of doing.

But to truly tap into the power of corporate events, you will have to make sure that they are able to generate the required number of attendances. Participants define success from this perspective, and it is crucial for businesses to market their events appropriately in order to reach intended goals.

When it comes down to events telemarketing, you can only rely on your messages to convince prospects to sign up. As simple as it sounds, creating messages actually involves a great deal of effort on your part. Saying the wrong things will either bore the prospect, provide him or her a reason to decline your invite, or generate a bad impression that will give your company a bad rap.

But, hey, we’re not saying that telemarketing for events leads is a hopeless endeavor. In fact, there are ways you can apply to create engaging talking points that can reel a prospect in. And one of these is to simply know how to build trust on a personal level with your prospects. Here’s how to do just that:

#1) Don’t draw too quickly

For a lot of marketers, generating a decent amount of events leads is the prime goal that has to be achieved as quickly as possible. Especially when your event is designed to cater massive attendances, you will have to go the extra mile in terms of inviting as many people as possible.

Still, acting too quickly in this respect only decreases the quality of your events telemarketing calls. Obviously, using the right strategies to promoting your event takes a lot of time, but it secures a commitment more effectively than going straight to the jugular. In other words, take your time with your call scripts and choose only the right words to include in your calls.

#2) Ask questions and give answers

This is a no-brainer right here, but sometimes, telemarketers would often forget about the value of engaging the needs of their prospects.

We all know how hectic it is to follow a daily quota, but you will have to realize the value of listening during your engagements. What’s more, rapport is nurtured mainly through knowing what your audiences want and how you’re going to address their needs.

For good measure, you can always keep an open mind when dealing with your events prospects. Aside from giving them their fill of what to expect in your event, ask them what more they want to learn and take notes of the things that are close to their hearts. Who knows? Maybe you can use this information to make some essential modifications to the event when you still have time.

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#3) End the call in style

Most events marketing campaigns fail mostly because there is a lack of follow up. While a cold call opens up an opportunity, you will have to keep the window open by keeping in touch with the prospect. Read Things to Do When Dealing With A B2B Prospect that’s Difficult to Reach

As a rule of thumb, don’t just end your calls assuming that the prospect has already possessed everything he or she needs to know about the event. Instead, opt to send a follow-up email that touches on the essential points that had been previously discussed.

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Other than that, you can also consider scheduling a follow-up call. It won’t take your prospect overnight to decide on joining your event. Sometimes, you will need to give him or her enough time to consider your propositions and finally come across a decision.



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