Event Planning and Management: Delegate your Tasks

Event Planning and Management: Delegate your Tasks

“A good manager needs a variety of approaches to get the best out of his team” – Boss Baby.


Boss Baby was a born leader, but didn’t take his mission for BabyCorp to stop Puppy Co from getting all the love from humans for puppies instead of infants all by himself, but worked it out with his brother Tim and with a little help from some of his baby friends.

In planning and managing an event, leaders ought to be knowledgeable of every single task and mainly control work traffic, but apparently need a team to work with otherwise, they’ll end up consumed and stressed.

So there’s no other best way to get the job done appropriately but to delegate tasks. Here’s how MindTools do it:

Set Goals

Verbalize your desired outcome for the event and specify desired results for each task. Make it clear to each team member that they must possess ownership of the task assigned to them and must also set individual targets for themselves. The completed individual tasks will ensemble SUCCESS which is the ultimate goal, not just by one (leader) but of the whole team.


Get your team in a breakfast meeting to discuss event plans and set follow up meetings as the project progresses. Early morning meetings can bring out better ideas as are minds are still fresh.

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Specify Lines of Authority, Responsibility, And Accountability

Acknowledge each member’s capability to manage and decide as this will beget them the sense of responsibility, authority, and accountability over their assigned tasks, but nevertheless keep everything in control by setting a specific action guide for each work and monitor because you, being their leader, are still fully accountable for their actions and work results.


If the best florist canceled a day or two before the event, the team member responsible for designs must have a ready solution on hand and need not wait for you to instruct them to go look for one, instead acquire your approval on the new provider.

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Identify Possible Challenges

Although every work detail had been clearly discussed in the conference table during the planning stage and the best merchandise providers in the market were outsourced, challenges may still be encountered at some point which may cause delay or realignment of tasks.


It is best to couple your list of to do’s with the list of options.    

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Empower The Team And Provide Support Through Communication

As John C. Maxwell suggests, leaders must engage their team members in a great discussion that would challenge their thinking and focus on solutions. Time flies and things change – soon they will become leaders. There isn’t more rewarding than seeing people climb the ladder of success carrying a backpack full of knowledge and experience handed down from a great leader like you.


Engage the team in knowledge acquisition and skills training that would unleash their creative juices and talents. Let them explore to gain much experience. Communicate with them at all times.  

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They say nothing and nobody can motivate a person but himself. However, some external factors may perk up one’s spirit like work accomplishment, family and social relationships or rewards that will drive them to proactively accomplish tasks and even do an extra mile.

As a leader, your team members would always look up to you so walk the talk – do, think and speak at par with the standards of excellence you expect from them.    


Don’t hesitate to stay at the venue to help the team put up that large backdrop. Staying up until the wee hours would surely size up your eye bags but would ease the team’s stress.

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Event planning and management is a team work. Regardless how little and easy or big and tough the work is, having hands to delegate the tasks to with would swiftly accomplish the job.

Now, it’s time for cookies!



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