How to Lead Successful Webinars through Effective Telemarketing

How to Lead Successful Webinars through Effective Telemarketing

B2B marketers should know better than to ignore the impact that webinars have over the bottom line. There is, in fact, compelling evidence why these corporate events can bring a company closer to its revenue goals by generating a steady stream of qualified leads.

One thing’s for sure, webinars are not only platforms for knowledge sharing and influencer marketing. They have also been proven to help companies generate quality leads and secure a competitive edge in the marketplace. Right off the bat, an EMarketer article has listed webinars as one of the most efficient tools to use in terms of lead generation and appointment setting.

The stats tell it like it is: Webinars come second only to videos in terms of content marketing effectiveness, with at least 66% of B2B marketers making the case.

At any given point, companies will eventually adopt webinars into their multi-channel campaigns. But to truly bring out its full potential, a webinar should also be supported by effective events marketing.

This is often the dilemma most B2B executives face. In order to tap into as many opportunities as possible, they need to consider marketing their webinars to target audiences first. While email invites and social media campaigns have their merits along these lines, telemarketing still remains as a surefire way to getting the right people to sign up for your webinar.

Phone invites are the best!

Nothing still beats the effectiveness of B2B telemarketing. And for many big brands, it still serves as a good window for quality events leads. It is only a matter of using the right approaches that will get the right people to sign up.

B2B telemarketing itself, especially when it caters to an event, is still a process and you have to carefully follow each step in order to turn your contacts into webinar participants. With that, here are some important strategies to keep in mind:

Send an email.

Prior to making a cold call, you need to make your audience aware that such and such a webinar is slated for the such and such date. We all know you have a list of potential participants, so you should use it to scout for the people that will gain a lot from attending your webinar. Send an email to your prospects providing essential information about the event. Don’t give too much away, though You will have to provide only what is necessary so you can stir some interest.

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Make the call.

Once you have sent an email about your event, it’s high time that you move in to enhance the effectiveness of your message. This is where you cold-call the prospect and remind them of the webinar you are planning. Provide some important details about the webinar, such as content, topics to be discussed, and key resource persons. From that point on, it will become a lot easier for you to gain an attendee.

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Ask and tell.

One way to really know if a prospect has a higher chance of signing up for your webinar is to ask questions relevant to the webinar’s rationale. The idea is for you to let your prospects know they will get something valuable from the webinar itself, either in the form of knowledge or a chance to reach out to other like-minded attendees.

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Follow up.

Once you have managed to secure a better position where you get the prospect to register to your webinar, you need to follow up with what you have initially discussed. You need to give the prospect time to make a decision. But if there’s still a certain level of uncertainty on the prospect’s part, then you need to keep on flexing your lead nurturing muscles until you get a solid confirmation to your invite.

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What happens after?

So, now you were able to have the target number of attendees to your webinar, but one crucial questions remain: What happens next? Should you just let go of your prospects? Of course, not! Keep the communication lines open by providing the attendees with added content or a heads up of the upcoming events you will be offering.

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The cycle doesn’t end with the fact that you have already secured the desired number of participants. You still need to increase your revenue, which is something to look forward to with the number of qualified leads you have just generated from your webinar.



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