B2B Lead Generation Techniques for a Cost-Efficient Event Marketing

Important B2B Lead Generation Techniques for a More Cost-Efficient Event Marketing

Businesses today use a variety of methods to gain new clientele. Some resort to digital marketing, while others still use traditional methods. The most relevant of these methods is setting up an effective corporate event.

Corporate events, according to some surveys, are still important lead generation techniques for B2B enterprises. Trade shows, exhibitions and conferences are effective in searching for new clientele, but this would mean spending a lot in preparing them.

Effective event marketing is mainly needed in order to make event expenditures worthwhile. And like marketing products and services, the discipline also uses B2B lead generation strategies in inviting the proper visitors.

Like B2B marketing, however, event marketing is not as simple as it looks. This is mainly because you will encounter the same B2B problems marketing your activities. In addition, you will need to struggle with issues on cost-efficiency. Your event marketing strategies must provide a good ROI influx.

For these results to happen, it is vital to make use of important B2B lead generation techniques for event marketing. Here are a few of them.


SEO. Decision makers often spend time searching for industry-related events on top of B2B solutions. This is out of a need to expand their networks and encounter better business opportunities. On your part, it is essential that you also expand your SEO campaign as there is a need to drive web traffic that convert to actual attendances.

Telemarketing. Often, some decision makers prefer to know something about your event via telephone.  You can use telemarketing in order to call up and invite potential attendees to your events. Considering that cold-calls entail a more intimate and direct approach in event marketing, it is vital that you include them in your campaign.

Content marketing. More than the “where’s” and the “what’s” about your events, information on the “why’s” of attending the event should be taken into account. You will need to provide potential attendees with reasons for joining your activity. This is mainly a task suitable for online content marketing.

Social media marketing. Contrary to the claims of many, social media can be leveraged as an effective B2B lead generation channel. Using LinkedIn and your corporate blog, you can widen your event marketing campaign to reach decision makers outside your own network.

It would take a high level of proficiency in order to effectively apply these techniques.B2B enterprises can always hire a competent event marketing company with a proven track record of making corporate events successful.

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