Event management is DEFINITELY one of the most stressful jobs. It is both mentally and physically taxing. For just one event, there could be too much in a business’ plate such as meeting a deadline, dealing with difficult people and unexpected events, making do with a tight budget, and finally marketing the event. That’s basically […]

Photo Credit: zemanta – http://www.flickr.com/photos/27638958@N06/8615725259   Webinars. Regarded as great sources for quality sales leads, B2B companies just can’t live without them. This year, more enterprises are opting to increase their budget for webinars. This is supported by a study by the Content Marketing Institute showing that 63% of marketers prioritize them for acquiring high […]

 “An apple a day keeps the doctor away.” But a webinar a week helps your healthcare business peak. As things go in the healthcare industry, vendors need to absorb as much knowledge as they can to create better lead generation and appointment setting campaigns. Through webinars, you can learn engage major industry thinkers who are […]

You have a really cool product (perhaps a gadget or software so revolutionary it confirms the spirit of Steve Jobs in you) to offer to the world. You think highly of it, so you figured holding an event is the best way to champion this new idea you have. The one problem that stands in […]

People in the B2B telemarketing industry experience it more often than they should. Rather than the target personality, they are met by someone else whose job it is to intercept calls. To many B2B telemarketers, gatekeepers determine who shall or shall not pass. They are the modern incarnation of Gandalf, wielding a telephone and appointment […]

Most B2B businesses have spent heavily on improving their lead generation and appointment setting strategies. And considering that the B2B industry is undergoing significant changes, demands for effective marketing solutions are steadily increasing. This comes as businesses have noted significant increases in revenue. As a result, marketing expenditures have also increased. The focus right now […]

Social media marketing has always been regarded as a highly overrated tool for B2B lead generation. But what many critics tend to miss out on is that social platforms are highly effective. And because of that, many B2B marketers have opted to spend more to achieve better online visibility. In recent years, B2B analysts have […]

The year 2015, aside from being an important year for marketing automation, will also highlight informative corporate events, the likes of which include the 16th Annual Marketing World and the Experiential Marketing Summit.   But as B2B companies are preparing their budgets for holding their own events, it is important to understand the effective ways […]