Product Launching 101: Use Events Telemarketing to Gain Opportunities

Product Launching 101- Use Events Telemarketing to Gain Opportunities

You have a really cool product (perhaps a gadget or software so revolutionary it confirms the spirit of Steve Jobs in you) to offer to the world. You think highly of it, so you figured holding an event is the best way to champion this new idea you have.

The one problem that stands in the way: You don’t know for sure how to invite the right people to the venue. While you can always resort to social media platforms, there’s never really any guarantee your invites through these channels can bring back confirmed commitments.

Meanwhile, you are also stealing some time organizing the presentation of the whole affair so that it would also assume a function B2B lead generation. Indeed, one thing about events is that they take a long time to prepare – an excruciatingly long time that involves a lot of activity in the planning process alone. But don’t take it wrong. Successful events are born out of a willingness to exert tremendous effort and perseverance.

Then again, your hard work wouldn’t mean a thing when only a handful of people show up on the day you launch your innovative product, only because the event wasn’t marketed well enough. In essence, it doesn’t get the kind of hype it deserves; so much for all the features with which it intends to change the market landscape.

The Benefits of Calling

Instead of splitting your brain between organizing and marketing your event, you can always resort to outsourced events telemarketing to raise awareness and achieve record turnouts without exhausting yourself silly.

With events telemarketing and lead generation, you are enabled access to competencies that will do the inviting for you while you concentrate on providing a good presentation of your product.

Once you employ a lead generation service for the event, callers that come with the package will conduct the event awareness campaign for you. Apart from that, they can undertake lead prospecting to identify potential attendees and – using a combination of email blasts and social media promotion – they can provide a database of people that might purchase reservations.

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Ease and a Clear Head

A reliable events telemarketing company guarantees a swifter and easier management process of communicating the value of the launch (and the product itself) to interested parties. That and expert audience engagement skills supplied by dedicated telemarketers puts you at ease as you focus on ideas that will make the product launching a hell of an experience for you and your audience.

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