The year 2015, aside from being an important year for marketing automation, will also highlight informative corporate events, the likes of which include the 16th Annual Marketing World and the Experiential Marketing Summit.   But as B2B companies are preparing their budgets for holding their own events, it is important to understand the effective ways […]

The word hashtag has been incorporated in modern vocabulary to pertain to a particular social media function. Mostly associated with Twitter and Facebook, hashtags are effective for increasing the viral potential of simple declarations in as little as 140 characters. It would therefore be right for B2B marketers to use this function as a means […]

Businesses today use a variety of methods to gain new clientele. Some resort to digital marketing, while others still use traditional methods. The most relevant of these methods is setting up an effective corporate event. Corporate events, according to some surveys, are still important lead generation techniques for B2B enterprises. Trade shows, exhibitions and conferences […]

Company events are important, all the more so because they serve to build your image, increase brand awareness and help out in B2B lead generation. And like the oldest artifacts, they are as precious as they are fragile. Not giving enough attention to event marketing could only spell disaster to your business. Aside from sending invites […]