The Secret Behind Corporate Events that Go Viral

How to Make Corporate Events go Viral on Facebook


In any business, holding a corporate event such as a conference or an appreciation concert makes for a brand that knows how to stand its ground.

For one, such events can give a needed boost in terms of generating qualified leads and connecting with one’s audience. We can never go wrong with the fact that corporate events can bring long-term successes.

Still, it all depends on mastery in holding an event. In order to reap much of the benefits it entails, enterprises should not only focus on organizing an event alone. Marketing it remains as significant and businesses should stay the right course in drawing attendees.

Normally, you will often rely on social media to promote your event. Facebook is usually the weapon of choice among B2C and B2B enterprises. But, to truly create a highly effective event marketing campaign, you will have to know what it takes to build interest and get your message to as many prospects as possible.

Let us fill you in on what you can do to make your Facebook event marketing work.

Create an events page.

The first thing you can do is to create an event and a corresponding page for it. Then, you can build your list of possible attendees and send out invites. It’s all too simple enough, but this step is perhaps the most crucial since it gives your event a boost of people. Not only that, an events page can serve as your main platform for getting the word out, updating possible attendees on what to expect, and to keep interest in the event afloat. 

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Categorize your event.

Part of creating an events page is to put into a category that will help attract the right people. You can also add tags or keywords, and Facebook will help you recommend your event to specific users based on these tags.


Want more Guests? Make your Corporate Events Trend in Social Media


Minimize notifications.

In the world of Facebook marketing, it actually helps to keep notifications to a minimum. Sending blast after blast of event notifications will only annoy your prospects and convince them not to attend your event at all.

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Create compelling content.

Content is everything when you want to attract attendees. And it will give your campaign a good boost when you focus on images with viral potential. Be careful with using internet memes though. Not many marketing campaigns survived on memes alone. The best way is always to create original content that will strike a chord in your prospects. Learn how Callbox got tangible ROI after creating content for Dreamforce.

Below are the two blogs, Callbox had released before Dreamforce 2016.

Go live.

Finally, you can always use Facebook live to give your event a sense of urgency. Nothing really beats a campaign in which organizers talk to you directly and give a compelling reason to join in on the fun.



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