6 Strategies to a More Productive Event Telemarketing Campaign

Tips to Make Your Event Telemarketing Campaign More Productive


Industry events remain to be an essential channel for acquiring quality leads as most business leaders prefer face-to-face interactions over digital engagements. The Center for Exhibition Industry Research notes that “43% of event attendees believe the value of face-to-face interactions will continue to increase over the next two years.”

For all its worth, an industry event such as a trade show, conference or a seminar generates higher quality leads. It makes sense then that B2B enterprises from across different industries should develop their marketing around these events.

Statista, in fact, has concluded that 79% of US marketers are able to generate sales through events.

For this reason, event marketing has become as essential an activity as product marketing itself. But like any other marketing campaign, it also entails resolving several issues along the way. Productivity is one issue that has to be addressed and it is crucial for B2B businesses to ensure that their marketing teams are well-suited to draw in target attendees.

Aside from allocating the right amount of resources, marketers should also need to make use of the right strategies that will guarantee the best results. Here are some of the most important tips you can use to drive event leads and secure better sales numbers.

Engage prospect needs.

This also means skewing away from the traditional technique of pushing your offer. No one likes to be forced to do something unless it is something essential. With this in mind, you need to build your message around the crucial issues that matter to the prospect. For instance, when promoting a trade show, you have to give them a glimpse of what to expect, figure out what they want to know, and tie it up with your proposition. Once you get them hooked, you only need to reel them in.

Make it competitive.

We all know the cliche about how teamwork is important. But when it comes down to increasing the individual productivity of your telemarketers, you have to motivate them. Contests, in this case, are a good way to get your marketing team to work harder and faster. Set a quote for events leads and offer incentives for marketers who perform well. This way, they will focus more on driving the number of attendees they can secure for the sake of a reward.

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Strengthen your strong points.

To have a productive mix of individuals with different skill sets can be beneficial. But, real success stems from focusing on the main drivers of the team. Your best-performing marketers should be paired up with one another so they pull their strengths and go beyond what a team leader and a corps of rookies are capable of doing.

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Come up with short term goals.

The best way to reach your target attendees does not involve going there as fast as your event marketing can take you. Working smart is so much better than to work hard and punching over time whenever you can. So, work your way up towards your main goal of acquiring so and so a number of events leads by setting up short-term goals. How many commitments are you supposed to close in a day? How many calls are you going to make after lunch time? By cutting up the objective into bite-sized pieces, it would be easier for you to get the numbers you so desired.

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Avoid taking shortcuts.

 Sure you can always believe that the length of a telemarketing call is relative to how close you are to getting a commitment. But the truth is, it seldom works for everyone. Taking shortcuts has its perks, but it diminishes the quality of your calls and makes it harder for you to bring your prospects closer to your event’s registration form. As much as possible, focus on your talking points and hit the right chords.

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Improve communication in the office.

Workforce management is an essential task. Being able to secure an office environment where your teammates can cooperate and focus on the task at hand increases your productivity significantly.  

Events telemarketing is best left to a highly productive marketing team. And by applying these strategies in your next campaign will surely make your event an experience you and your audience can revel in.

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