Tips to a Terrific Trade Show

Tips to a Terrific Trade Show

Trade shows have recently become the most important outbound marketing strategies for B2B companies and for a good reason. In an article posted on TSNN, around 81% of trade show participants have buyer authority, which roughly translates to 4 customers out of every 5 attendees.

Because of that, it’s no wonder that 99% of B2B marketers find great value in them not only in terms of acquiring high quality B2B leads, but also in brand awareness and relationship-building with existing and potential clients.

Indeed, trade shows are a large factor in terms of seeking new business possibilities. And while 2015 is going to see a rise in spending for marketing events, companies need to focus more on creating quality experiences for the people they want to invite.

Here are some ways to maximize your trade shows.

Plan ahead

Before the scheduled date of the trade show, you should have already laid down your plans and listed the objectives you want to accomplish. Get started by knowing the type of people to invite through an ideal customer profile. Also, identify the channels you can use in reaching out to your invitees, determine how much you are going to spend in raising awareness, and provide invitation goals.

Establish your voice

Social media strategist Donna Arriaga writes: “To keep your trade show social listening organized, set up unique streams for each audience group as well as the event hashtag. Use your blog to establish your voice early, and create fresh, relevant content that builds up to the event.” In addition, create enticing teaser campaigns that play on your audience’s curiosity. A little intrigue can go a long way.

Make use of charismatic presenters

People expect your event to be worth their time and effort. The least you can offer them in return is a lousy presentation further intensified by low-energy lectures. Charismatic presenters and hosts are what you need to inject personality in your event and keep your audience constantly listening to your offers.

Make use of outsourced telemarketing

At times, you will be so occupied in organizing the presentation of the event that you tend to put little effort in managing invites, often resulting in low response rates. While you’re having your hands full in managing your venue reservations, you can always outsource your events marketing to a company with multi-channel capabilities that provide quality communications to prospects across a wide range of industries.

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