Want more Guests? Make your Corporate Events Trend in Social Media

Want more Guests- Make your Corporate Events Trend in Social Media

Social media marketing has always been regarded as a highly overrated tool for B2B lead generation. But what many critics tend to miss out on is that social platforms are highly effective. And because of that, many B2B marketers have opted to spend more to achieve better online visibility.

In recent years, B2B analysts have noted a sharp increase in the use and development of social media marketing tools in terms of obtaining hire volumes of business prospects. Social media marketing can now be tied up with other communication channels as well, increasing the possibility of generating high-profile and high quality B2B sales leads.

And speaking of better business possibilities, events marketing remains an essential aspect to one’s business. Whatever form it takes, a company event guarantees new clients and opportunities to get closer to one’s public.

Often, you are impelled to secure as many invite confirmations as possible. Social media can effectively complement the task by promoting the event throughout numerous social platforms and make it trend within a certain period.

To do that is a simple matter of following these important social media tips for a more effective events marketing.

Use the hashtag

Aside from trendy teenagers trying to fit in, businesses can also use Twitter and Facebook hashtags to promote their trade shows and exhibits. Days prior to the event, businesses should already initiate an online campaign that features effective hashtags that keep potential attendees interested.

Initiate a teaser campaign

Like a movie, you expect your event to be the next big blockbuster of B2B affairs. For that reason, it is important to provide audiences with a teaser campaign worthy of any highly anticipated blockbuster offer. The important thing here is to build intrigue using strategies that include images with “COMING SOON” labels.

Market with a popular personality

Brand advocates and endorsers are always a great attraction. Having them around for the company event can then be an effective way to increase attendances. So, try to scout reputable names in your networks and have them share their insights as keynote speakers or resource persons. People will sure look forward to their presence in the event.

Create compelling content

Offer free brochures, newsletters and infographics related to the event. These will effectively inform your audience on the things they will most likely miss out on should they decline your invites.

But you shouldn’t stop with social media in your events marketing. As we have stated before, effective event invitations are very much possible through a diverse mix of communication platforms handled especially by an experienced B2B multi-channel marketing company.

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