Telemarketing Points for Businesses to Ponder

Telemarketing Points for Businesses to Ponder

Any experienced marketers within the B2B industry will tell you that cold calls are still relevant. Despite the dominant position that social media platforms occupy, B2B enterprises still rely on telemarketing to initiate better business discussions with prospects.

From the outset, most lead nurturing campaigns revolve around effective telemarketing skills in order to gain satisfied customers. However, it continues to be a challenge that there is no proper technique along the lines of B2B lead nurturing.

One thing is certain: sales can only be attained once you understand the basic principles behind a successful B2B telemarketing campaign.

These principles can are expounded by the following points:

Nurturing over selling.

Some assume that telemarketing’s purpose is mainly to sell. This notion has been in many people’s minds, citing the overall impact and urgency that social media provides. However, this only entails a wrong perception of market realities. Decision makers are keener than you think and it would indeed take a lot of time and proficiency before a closed transaction is sealed.

Lead quality matters.

Your sales performance is directly affected by you B2B lead generation campaign. It is obvious that well nurtured B2B leads are more likely to convert. In essence, cold calls have proven to be more effective in generating high quality leads than the landing page and company blog.

Data also matters.

B2B marketing thrives in data. And it would be a disaster for your lead generation and appointment setting efforts if the data you collected is not in tune with your business objectives. Key marketing metrics such as conversion rates of specific demographics by company size and budget have to be accounted for. This can only be managed by effective marketing analytics tools.

Follow up through email.

Telemarketing is complemented by email as a follow up mechanism. Topics that were not discussed in your previous engagements can be brought up by your emails – that is if you know how to structure them effectively, from the subject line down to the core content.

No doesn’t necessarily mean no.

In a slideshow by the SCI Sales Group, “it will take around 80 calls in order to get an opportunity.” What this means is that businesses should strive to be persistent in their telemarketing activities. It would require you to call individual decision makers numerous times before a sales opportunity is met. “No,” SCI adds, “does not mean they will never buy, it means they are not ready to buy now.”